Welcome to the Federal Users Network. The Federal Users Network is the central point of communication for the Federal government and its' relationship with PeopleSoft’s Federal management team. The Group consists of Federal agencies using a variety of PeopleSoft products.

The FUN Objectives are:

  • To be an exclusive voice and central point of communication for the Federal government to and from PeopleSoft in order to influence the direction and development of the base-line products used by the Federal government.
  • To provide a forum for communicating with other Federal customers, with similar interests, concerns and problems.
  • To provide a forum for presentations from PeopleSoft management, developers, business partners, and others to keep the FUN informed as to the changes in direction, product plans, and areas of concern.
  • To be alert to and make appropriate response to opportunities that may benefit FUN members collectively, including relationships with alliance partners.

Please take the time to review the Charter and browse the links to our product strategists and other information contacts. We want to use this web site as a vehicle to communicate, share, and collaborate as Federal agencies face unique challenges while implementing and maintaining PeopleSoft product lines.


This is the web home for the
Federal Users Networks.
This website is used by our
members to communicate,
share and collaborate as we
each face the unique challenges of implementing and maintaining
a PeopleSoft implementation.

If you think you can benefit
from this combined knowledge
and support.
Get in touch with the FUN
and our members by
joining today.



    Alliance Conference

Are you a vendor working with Fedaral, Higher Education or Public Sector clients in the PeopleSoft market? We have several options for software, hardware and consulting vendors to be involved with our organization and with our annual conference. Contact our sales reperesentatives today to see how how you can get more involved with our organization!