Tools and Technology
Contact: Bill Branch, National Security Agency  
Tools and Technology Strategist
SIG Information: PeopleSoft Internet Architecture—introduced with PeopleTools® 8—is a pure internet, server-centric runtime architecture for deploying and executing eBusiness applications. The PeopleTools 8 development environment is a development workbench that empowers developers to create, customize, upgrade, and monitor the eBusiness applications that the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture executes. This flexible development environment empowers your organization to thrive on change—like the
need for faster operations, more extensive business outsourcing, and a greater sharing of enterprise knowledge—by customizing applications using the same toolset used to build the applications. Combining a pure internet runtime architecture with a robust web development environment, PeopleTools 8 fundamentally improves global enterprise application delivery, empowers users, and accelerates business-to-business collaboration. That all translates to lower cost of ownership and competitive advantage in the internet economy.

Pure Internet
What does a “pure internet” architecture really mean? Very simply, it is an architecture that completely leverages internet standards such as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML), and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). PeopleSoft Internet Architecture is the foundation for PeopleSoft 8—pure internet applications with the look and feel of leading web sites and robust integration technology so information can flow seamlessly between you and your trading partners’ systems.

When your organization encounters rapid changes, you need to flexibly deploy and easily customize applications according to your business needs. Your systems infrastructure cannot afford to be the bottleneck as your organization adopts the business practices of the new economy. To create competitive advantage, your eBusiness foundation should enable your organization to embrace change, empower your people, and dominate your competition.

PeopleTools Development Environment

Use the intuitive, drag-and-drop PeopleTools development environment to build, customize, upgrade, and monitor PeopleSoft eBusiness applications. Application Designer is the cornerstone of this powerful, integrated workbench.

Application Development
PeopleTools provides a complete set of application development tools to define the data structures, business logic, and layout of your eBusiness applications. Build data elements for your applications with Field Designer. Use Data Designer to design, modify, and administer your tables. Maintain procedural business logic using PeopleCode Editor. Combine field, data, and PeopleCode objects to create application components with Component Designer. Create web page layouts of your eBusiness applications in Page Designer. Design high-volume, asynchronous processes using the Application Engine Designer.

PeopleTools delivers a complete set of integration tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) that empower you to integrate eBusiness applications: XML messaging, component-based integration, file-based and electronic data interchange (EDI) integration, and portal content integration. Application Messaging Designer helps you build asynchronous, XML message-based integration points. Integrate third-party content and business logic with your PeopleSoft applications using Business Interlink Designer. Use Component Interface Designer to create object-oriented interfaces with PeopleSoft components. To quickly build file-based interfaces in tandem with Application Engine, you can use File Object Designer. Portal Registry Editor enables you to integrate, register, and organize content deployed using PeopleSoft portals. And you can monitor your EDI processes with EDI Manager.